My husband and I used Wall and Associates in hoping we could have a tax bill lowered. After a hefty initial fee of $3000, a monthly payment of over $300, and two paychecks garnished we called and asked for our money back.

What a joke that was. They gave us the run around and we took them to small claims, even though we paid out over $5000. We figured some was better than none. We contacted the Attorney General in Idaho and Virginia.

The Attorney General in Idaho told them they weren't allowed to practice business in the state due to not being in compliance with state business laws. They still did and do. Finally, after appealing and then going back to court, the judge ordered in our favor. After three years they still haven't paid what they have been ruled to pay, plus interest!

They are scam artists and crooks. They lie, cheat, and will steal your money. Then you can never call into an actual place of business. They rent office space in their area and only have phone lines.

Mark Yeates is a SHISTER!!

Do NOT contacted them for help. They will *** over and then flip you to the other side to *** again!!!

Review about: Wall And Associates Tax Resolution.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5407.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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San Bernardino, California, United States #1141749

I agree just TRUSH! I'm in California but they striked again this way with us.

But we, did not sent them more money so they stop the case. And the man who inteviewed us never answer our calls. We call them THE FISHER MEN!

cause that's what they do. Hook inocent people who in desperation have to trust the help and their false promises.



VETRAN, or a DISABLED AMERICAN VETRAN as I am. They just don't care WHO THEY F*** OVER. More the merrier, It makes me wonder if they get a BONUS, or WIN a OFFICE POOL as to WHO can SCAM, / *** the mo$t MONEY from people who seek there Tax Relief Service not knowing or being told it's a SCAM. Also when you call them they NEVER say WALL & ASSOCIATES.

They say TAX CONSULTANTS. What's up with that. Also when they F*** YOU OVER they don't even say thank you. When I signed up with them they should have just given me a JAR OF VASOLINE PACED WITH SAND.

Because it sure feels like they did. If you have any thoughts of dealing with WALL & ASSOCIATES DO NOT DO IT, RUN FORREST, RUN.

Syracuse, New York, United States #1102488

Well wall & associates got me for $22,000 with no results except running me in circles every time I called they have creative bookkeeping also with noremorse they tried to get more money out of my bank account without my permission my bank caught it and called me everyone should contact their states attorney general plus the Virginia states attorney general. Also file a complaint with the FEDERAL TRADE COMISSION I'm the only one to contact to date they need more complaints too do something I could tell my story but it's the same as everyone else's we nee to band together strength in numbers.

Contact me so we can get a class action law suit against wall & associates.

Tpilon8@aol.com 315-264-7998. I'm sure I can find a good NEW YORK JEWISH LAWYER.

to Ted Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States #1121999

IRS can help! File IRS form #14157, Tax Preparer fraud and misconduct" We were advised to do this by our IRS revenue officers after they closed our case and seized our property.

They refused to accept any further contact, from Wall and Associates, and once we terminated our contract reopened our case and we were able to negotiate a settlement with the IRS.

Don't wait, the form is easy to complete and valuable to help shut down these types of companies. We also are filing suit, in local courts, as advised by our attorney


If they are unresponsive you can have that judgement entered in their D&B credit file or the owner's personal credit file if they aren't incorporated. This will force them to deal with you because you'll cut off their access to credit, which can be a very painful situation.

When they're ready to deal, offer to have the judgement removed from their credit file if they deal with your complaint.

You can reach me at 816-405-5667


Please contact me at 816-405-5567. I would love to speak with you. I have a group of people

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