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Upon careful review of this post our office is unable to identify this individual as a client of our office. While we are committed to addressing all of our client’s concerns we realize that sometimes due to circumstances outside our control a client may leave feeling discouraged. We want you to know that our office cares and we encourage you to reach out to us at 888-491-4807.

With a proven track record of success we can leverage our knowledge of the tax code to better serve our clients and enable them to put the stress of a tax controversy behind them. There are no shortcuts to a successful tax resolution and solving any tax controversy requires hard work, determination, and a dedicated team of support.

We work hard to not only achieve successful resolutions to our clients’ tax disputes, but to also reduce the stress placed on our clients by the tax burden as much as possible.

Clients of our office can rest assured that we won’t take – No – for answer when handling your tax controversy. For a listing of recent successes we encourage you to check out some of our recent successes at:

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I also was dance around by this group. Looking to start or Join in on Call action law suit.

Can anyone help ? Representative I met with dissapeared. All i get is forms to fill out with no results. With all these complaints how do they get away with this and still advertise and run a business ,looking for more fish to catch.

This group must be stopped BBB hands are tied. It seems all the minimum complaints of 120 poor souls are falling on deaf ears.

Is anyone involed with a class action laws suit? please advise

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A complaint was filed but haven't received any updates or seen much action on it. Any idea where it stands?


The Virginia Attorney Generals office has dozens of complaints but don't seem to be moving on them or keeping us updated. If a Class Action suit is the way to go, I'm all in.

I honestly feel they owe much more than just the money they robbed me of. All the grief and time and stress it has caused trying to get refunded is valuable!!

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1131340

here's what the IRS thinks of companies like Wall and Associates:

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Check Carefully Before Applying for Offers in Compromise

Update Jan. 6, 2014 — Use Form 656 Booklet, Offer in Compromise, to find the correct form to use.

Update Sept. 28, 2011 — For current information, see Offer in Compromise Program.

IR-2004-17, Feb. 3, 2004 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today issued a consumer alert advising taxpayers to beware of promoters’ claims that tax debts can be settled for “pennies on the dollar” through the Offer in Compromise Program. Some promoters are inappropriately advising indebted taxpayers to file an Offer in Compromise (OIC) application with the IRS.

This bad advice costs taxpayers money and time. An Offer In Compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer's tax debt. The IRS has the authority to settle, or "compromise," federal tax liabilities by accepting less than full payment under certain circumstances. “This program serves an important purpose for a select group of taxpayers.

But we are increasingly concerned about unscrupulous promoters charging excessive fees to taxpayers who have no chance of meeting the program’s requirements,” said IRS Commissioner Mark W.

Everson. “We urge taxpayers not to be duped by high-priced promises.”

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1129277

I spoke with an IRS agent today. He said,Wall and Associates never get anything done, weel i said they bill me every month for nothing! A disgrace!!!

to Anonymous #1141746

Sadly we are more victims of this Wall & Associates. We hired them on Nov.16, 2015 and samething the person who interviewed us in Riverside, Ca.

He never return our phone calls. Even a person said once he did not work there anymore, but the funny thing was that I called to this other number asking for him and they said he wasn't available and please leave a message and he will return your call. But he never did. They collected from us

$ 2,350.00 the Initial fee plus $ 350.00 for the first month but since we didn't see a good results we didn't send no more money and because of that the stop the case.

Thank God I got in to the BBB and I found a WARNING FOR THIS FIRM! We are intersted to joining to for a class action if there some somewhere. That is FRAUD.

They're taking or abusing of people's good faith and since all worries about the IRS audit and they know how to fish the next victims. At the time they know they won't gonna do anything but taking money from people so easy.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1125606

Send in a complaint to the Attorney General of Virginia:

Office of the Attorney General

900 East Main Street, 2nd Floor

Richmond, VA 23219

(804) 786-8789

With enough complaints they will be investigated. They are registered as a business in the state of Virginia.


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