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I don't doubt any of these stories. I used to work for Wall and Associates and they screwed my brains out too! It is apparent that this company could care less about their customers just like the could care less about their own employees. I RECOMMEND ANYONE EVEN THINKING ABOUT DOING BUSINESS WITH WALL AND ASSOCIATES, RUN LIKE ***. THEY WILL BURN YOU TO A PULP. IF YOU DO CHOOSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, DON'T CRY LIKE A BABY AFTER THEY WHACK YOU FOR ALL YOUR MONEY. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING ABOUT THE SAME THING FOR YEARS AND YEARS.


On August 11, 2015, Complainant Wall & Associates, Inc. (“Wall”) submitted a complaint in accordance with the Legitimacy Verification Program (“LVP”). The complaint alleged that three posts dated February 15, 2015 (Post ID 595426), March 26, 2015 (Post ID 613434) and March 28, 2015 (Post ID 614340) (the “Posts”) contained statements in violation of section 2 of Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. The Posts' authors were offered an opportunity to respond to the complaint, as provided in LVP Rule 9, but failed to so respond. The materials submitted by the parties constitute the LVP Record.

Having considered the LVP Record, the Third Party Neutral finds and holds as follows:

With respect to Post ID 595426 dated February 15, 2015, Wall has not submitted evidence that makes it more likely than not the Post violates Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. No change to the Post found at should be made.

With respect to Post ID 613434, Wall has not submitted evidence that makes it more likely than not the Post violates Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. No change to the Post found at should be made.

With respect to Post ID 614340, Wall has submitted evidence that makes it more likely than not that a portion of the Post violates Pissed Consumer's Terms of Use. The following language contained within the Post found at should be redacted in accordance with the LVP rules: “Wall and Associates, Inc. is like a ghost company. Try to find their corporate office, try to find their owner Ken Wall, try to find one of their actual offices, try to find the CEO, try to locate anything about this company is impossible.”

The remaining language should remain as part of the post.

Date: October 27, 2015

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Please take notice that Wall & Associates, Inc. has initiated a Complaint against this Post due to alleged violations of Pissed Consumer’s Terms of Use ( pursuant to Pissed Consumer’s Legitimacy Verification Program.

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You, the Poster, have a right to respond to the Complaint to establish the truth of the Post’s statements. If you intend to respond, you have 20 days from the date this Notice was posted to answer the Complaint. The Answer Form (


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Pissed Consumer WILL NOT reveal your identify or email address to Wall & Associates, Inc. without your express consent or pursuant to a subpoena or court order.

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