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We work hard to not only achieve successful resolutions to our clients’ tax disputes, but to also reduce the stress placed on our clients by the tax burden as much as possible.

With any tax controversy timing, consistency, and hard work are key. There are no shortcuts to a successful resolution of a tax controversy and we want you to know that Wall & Associates, Inc. will stand with you through the close of your case with our office.

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The biggest thing that I noticed is that they are not tax attorneys, but claim to be certified by the IRS and State tax systems to negotiate settlements on behalf of the person who has the tax problems. That statement in itself is a key indicator that this is a scam to employ people who know nothing about how to solve the tax problems other than to take hard earning tax payers money.

In fact the person I spoke with stated that he would forward all of my paperwork to a team who made the phone calls, etc. to the IRS and State tax systems, but he himself did NOTHING. What a scam to rip tax payers of your money and to employ people with no actually skills in this area.

They are right, after reviewing the fact that he wanted $2500 down and $400 a month.

I told him if I have that kind of money to pay, then why would I give it to you, when I can pay it to the IRS and the State to whom I owe.

It would take me five or six months to come up with that type of money and I might as well just give it to the IRS and State tax system I owe it to rather than give it to you. Total SCAM Program!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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