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Wall & Associates, Inc. is unable to identify the individual responsible for this post. Our office encourages this individual to reach out to us at 888-491-4807 in order to review their concerns in more detail and if possible remedy them in a timely manner.

With a proven track record of success and the experience to back it up, Wall & Associates, Inc., is one of the largest tax resolution companies in the industry. If you are experiencing aggressive collection action in the form of liens, levies, or garnishments the talented staff of Wall & Associates, Inc. has a solution.

We work hard to not only achieve successful resolutions to our clients’ tax disputes, but to also reduce the stress placed on our clients by the tax burden as much as possible.

With any tax controversy timing, consistency, and hard work are key. There are no shortcuts to a successful resolution of a tax controversy and we want you to know that Wall & Associates, Inc. will stand with you through the close of your case with our office.

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I was a customer of Wall and Assocciates from 2013 to late 2014...I was told not to have any contact with the IRS directly that they would use my power of attorney to handle everything...that they would stop or reverse any liens, warrants, or garnishments...I found out today that in February 2014 an IRS lien was placed on a house that I had gifted to my they can't sell the house unless they pay a substantial amount of money...on a debt they don't owe...Wall and Associates obviously dropped the ball...I assumed they had done the job they advertise to get customers and never dreamed there was a lien on the house!! They need to make it right!

Especially when they collected thousands of dollars in fees!! If they don't then they are crooks of the worst kind!!

Review about: Wall And Associates Tax Resolution.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Please contact me at 816-405-5667 and the Attorney General of Virginia to submit your case if you have not done so already. If you need the contact information for that office please contact me.


I just came from the Phoenix location of Walls and Assoc. Thank you for all these replies.

My heart breaks for all of you. There must be some type of kharmic justice to these bastards. After reading Yelp and this site I will not sue them.

Thank you. And God Bless all of you.


Please contact me if you have not already. 816-405-5667


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