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My wife and I met with a Wall & Associate advisor almost a year ago in the Santa Monica area to resolve a tax debt from 2011. We were told we had a pretty strait forward and simple case, and that we would be able to settle in 6 months or less.

We paid them 4k upfront, and have been paying them 400 a month since then, til now!! They have been an absolute JOKE!! Impossible to make contact with anyone at times, can't get a clear answer from anyone about the status of our case, etc. So much time and money has been wasted by myself and countless other people just trying to get squared away with the IRS.

We just informed them that we have terminated our agreement with them and will not be paying them another dime. We also demanded a full refund, which I'm sure they will laugh at. That all being said, we are now hiring an attorney to sue the firm, and I don't care if it costs us more than it is worth at this point!! This company makes a killing off of taking advantage of desperate people who are looking for help, and it's time they are brought to their knees by someone.

You will be far better off going online to the IRS website and filing an offer and compromise on your own than giving this company a red cent.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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