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We work hard to not only achieve successful resolutions to our clients’ tax disputes, but to also reduce the stress placed on our clients by the tax burden as much as possible.

With any tax controversy timing, consistency, and hard work are key. There are no shortcuts to a successful resolution of a tax controversy and we want you to know that Wall & Associates, Inc. will stand with you through the close of your case with our office.

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I agree. The same people I was working with scammed me. My spouse and I are still with them and we are trying to figure how to fire them.

I gave them all the paper they needed over a year ago. It takes them 1 month to fill out the 433-A. When I received the paper work for review, they filled it out incorrectly. The 433 form is nothing more than 5 pages of paper work they send to the IRS. The filled this out incorrectly 3 times before they go it right. I nagged and nagged them over the phone to get it done. Every time they dragged their feet.

So at this point, I was being nicked and dime'd for 400 a month for over a year and a half. That is well over 6000.00 dollars not including the 3900.00 retainer fee I paid.

This whole thing is a scam and they keep you on the hook because they know they have you by the balls.

It's interesting how they never say things in an email vs what they tell you over the phone. For instance, emails are always saying things they need. Or if I hear from the IRS or get a letter, to call them and forward the letter to them. That's it.

But when you ask for details of the process in emails you will send, or what is being done for your case. They don't put it in writing, they'll call you instead.

This is a sanitation process so they can say they never told you these things since it's a conversation over the phone.

This is a horrible scam and it would have been better to do the paper work myself and deal with the IRS directly. That money would have been better served paying the IRS.

Plus, you never hear from the same person. One month it's Ashely, next month it's Brandon, then a week later it's Danielle or someone else. You can tell when you ask for details of your case, they really don't know it and they start stammering over the phone with no answers. Almost like it's the front desk at a hotel giving you a wake up call and then hangs up.

I feel so *** for going to them in the first place.

Warning to all who are considering this option of hiring Wall and Associates. Don't. Learn about how to submit something to the IRS by submitting a 433-A form. Anyone can do this. You just have to learn the process.

In my case, the IRS already took 1000 dollars out of my account and were ready to take more. I was desperate and needed help.

All Wall and Associates will do is buy you time, that's it.

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Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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