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What makes Wall & Associates different from other tax resolution companies?


We pride ourselves on our aggressive approach to tax resolution.We are not afraid to fight for our clients and that comes through in our communication approach to the IRS and state taxing authorities.

As one of the industry leaders in tax resolution our resolution process has been honed to get you the optimum results for your case.

Unlike other companies who prefer to pursue Installment Agreements our office prefers to review your entire case and come up with a more personalized path to resolution.We trust our results are the best in the industry.


Can you help me?


We believe we can help any individual wanting to make an honest effort to get their tax matters resolved.We can handle any type of tax matter that arises.

Our office helps all types of individuals including Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Attorneys, Former Tax Protestors, and regular individuals just like you and me.

We operate under strict rules and laws so we will not help you illegally protest taxes or willfully evade taxes. We also will not file fraudulent returns on your behalf.

Wall & Associates does not offer legal representation.We have found that virtually all tax cases can be resolved through the administrative channels that the IRS and state taxing authorities provide.


How long will my case take?


The answer is – it depends.Our office is committed to being upfront and honest in our approach to tax resolution and a timeframe is something we honestly cannot provide.

Each case is different and may take a very different approach toward resolution. Some common issues that arise that can delay a case are multiple years of unfiled returns, continuing to generate tax balances in ongoing tax years, ongoing audits, and a general delay in providing us required documentation to pursue a case.

Our office has to work in conjunction with the IRS and state taxing authorities and their processes and procedures can also significantly hinder a case.What we promise you is that our office will work to address your tax matter, with your cooperation, in the most expedient manner possible.


Do you prepare tax returns?


We are one of the toughest negotiators in the tax resolution industry, but we do not prepare tax returns.There are many different sub-industries in taxation and our office prefers to devote ourselves entirely to the tax resolution portion of taxation.

Not everyone who has a tax issue requires tax preparation.

This specialized approach allows us to save on overhead costs and subsequently transfer those cost-reductions to our clients in the form of more affordable prices.If a client is in need of tax preparation we have a sister company who can prepare required returns at an additional charge.


Will I have to provide financial information?


Our approach to tax resolution does require that you supply us with a full and accurate picture of your financial situation.In cases where a client is undergoing an audit the information we request will correspond with the tax years under audit.

In many cases it may be necessary for our office to ask for the same information several times.

This is not intended to be a hindrance to your case.The IRS and many state taxing authorities require financial information dated within a certain timeframe so it may be necessary to ask you a couple of times for updated financial information.


If I become a client what do you expect from me?


We expect honesty and cooperation.Wall & Associates cannot resolve a tax problem without assistance from you, the client.

This means we will need regular and reliable open lines of communication with you.

We expect you to be realistic about what can be done to help.Yes, we resolve many tax problems for our clients for less than what they owe, but each case is different and if you want the best outcome, then you must be willing to work with us in order to achieve those results


What do I do if I have questions about my case?


Let your team know.Tax issues are complex and they require research, perseverance, and hard work.

Our teams are always willing to help explain the current progress of your case and let you know of any current hindrances keeping us from resolving your tax case.

We’re committed to answering your questions.If at any point you want to speak with a representative of our office who is not a member of your case team give us a call at 800-989-5911.


What do I do if I want to become a client?


It’s a big step recognizing you need help with a tax problem. Our office would love to speak with you and discuss your tax matter. Give us a call at 888-315-5146 or visit us online at


Do you list your regular results anywhere?


Our twitter channel is routinely updated with some of our most recent successes. We encourage you to take a look at


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