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Wall & Associates, Inc. understands the concerns of our clients who are facing aggressive collection action from the IRS. We want to help our clients understand the resolution process and ensure they understand the services that we provide.
Our office operates under the rules and guidelines of the IRS and the work that we do has to stand up to the rigors of IRS review. Doing work of that quality takes time and it is not beneficial for us, as your representative, to trade speed for accuracy.
Our office has reached out to the individual posting this review and are actively working to try and resolve their concerns in an amicable fashion.
Our office is not at liberty to discuss confidential tax matters in an online open forum; however, on review our office would like to state the following; this client, per their own admission, has been in the hospital for the last year. Our office apologizes that proper case communication could not be rendered to her specifically, but based on the circumstances it was not possible for us to do so. Our office would assume in this case that her spouse, who received case updates, would relay all pertinent information.
Our office does not recognize a “no sue” letter as having been sent or received covering any agreement between Wall & Associates, Inc. and this client. This client may be referencing a letter we use to notify taxpayers of their right to petition tax court and to confirm their intent to not proceed forward with a Tax Court petition. This notice is for our own internal purposes and is not binding, but clients should understand the costs of petitioning Tax Court can be substantial.
In reviewing this account both the timeframe and amount paid are grossly inaccurate. The current case has gone on two years and the amount paid is currently far less than $20,000.
Our office sincerely wants to help this client understand the work that has gone on with their case, move past this, and see their tax matter ultimately resolved.
We prefer to let our case results speak for themselves. To see a listing of some of our recent successes we would like to encourage you to check out our blog at
If you are facing a tax controversy and need the help of an experienced company who won’t take NO for an answer we encourage you to consider us. Check us out at for a little information on the IRS resolution process and to see if our services are a good fit for your needs.

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My husband and I retired in 2013 and obtained a mortgage for a house in Florida.We gave a deposit and had to pay to get house up to code.

As we lived in NY traveling expenses and moving expenses were high. We bought the house as is and had to sink a lot of money into it. As closing approached our bank PULLED the mortgage from us. *** reason but we had a lot of money invested in the house and decided to pay for the house out of my husband's Annuity account.

He did not know but there is a 30% penalty to take money out if you are younger than 59 1/2. He was. Our tax bill was $40,000! We hired Wall and Associates in good faith.

Three years later and $20,000.00 into them for fees, we still owe the $40,000 plus interest. These people did nothing. I had to call appeals to get this resolved. They blew the meeting and we have gained nothing.

We still owe it all. I can't believe I was so ***. I was in the hospital for a year so did not stay on top of them. With what we paid them half of my IRS debt would be gone.

Anybody want to take action? I'm ready. Call me at 561 509 0784 or write to They made my husband sign a "no sue" letter while I was in hospital.

Their behavior is OUTRAGEOUS! We are so broke but will be able to get money to take action. Join me. Complaining here is a good idea but does not hurt them.

What else can we do? What other sites? How about bar associations or civil court? Let me know.

I am crippled but not mentally.

Let's do something.Thanks, Shelley

Review about: Wall And Associates Customer Care.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: refund most of the money. Work done does not warrant fee. Results disgraceful.

I didn't like: Ripped of 20 thou still owe over 40 thou over 3 years.

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